About Us

Nano is set up to offer its clients a total solution for all their design and print requirements.

We have a fully equipped design studio at our Ripley offices, however production is entrusted to a carefully selected group of associate suppliers – each having extensive experience in a particular skill such as printing full colour brochures, stationery, large format poster printing, digital print, etc. No other supplier can offer you the same level of commitment and expertise for all the services that Nano offers.

the team

This modern approach allows us to give our clients what they’ve always wanted – Commissions that are produced:

  • To the highest standard
  • Using the latest and most advanced equipment
  • In the shortest time
  • In the most cost-effective manner

Nano can therefore claim to offer a true one-stop shop for your entire graphic & print production needs.

Nano have an experienced design team who use state of the art equipment to find solutions for all aspects of communication

Nano’s design centre uses the latest state of the art computer technology.

Unlike our competitors who use the Macintosh system for their design capabilities, whilst remaining Mac compatible, we feel that PC design is the definite way forward. The majority of all business environments are PC dominated which means communication skills with Nano are that much better, enabling us to offer you the problem free creative solution that you require.

Urgent deadlines can be met much more efficiently when using PC design as proofs can be sent electronically by email or via other digital formats. This in turn dramatically reduces unnecessary costs, which are often incurred when using Macintosh design services.