Excellent IP phone systems by Mitel

image for mitel phone systemsMitel phone systems are the leading brand of phone in the market, providing innovative products for any kind of business. The phones are equipped with numerous features that help the business interact very effectively and smoothly. They are also geared towards reducing the cost of making calls for organizations. Their technology is simply the best in the telephony sector, as it uses Internet Protocol (IP) telephony access with desktop applications that are modern and advanced.

IP phones for SMEs

The Mitel phone system provides collaboration solutions targeting audio conferencing for companies that need to conduct long distance meetings, or when the business partners and clients need to do a meeting while in different locations.

Customer interaction. If you want to set up a contact center for your company, then you can get a phone system that is packed with all the necessary features for complex customer care support facility. A team can also use the phones in conducting simple call sharing.

Mobility. Mitel has a solution for those managers who do not want to ever miss calls made to their office lines. The Unified Communicator Mobile Solution is made primarily for this purpose. With this, you can easily twin your mobile phone and the office extension, thus the location is no longer a factor. The mailbox and number will remain the same.

Enterprise features

Application suite. With sophisticated IP applications, Mitel ensures that there is seamless communication between your business, suppliers and partners. The applications interact flawlessly with each other on one server to ensure that there is no break in communication at any given time.

Wireless. Mitel uses the very best technologies to ensure that the client is satisfied. The wireless IP phones are aimed at extending the broadening the network radius to cover a larger area.

Border gateway. The IP phones, WIFI and soft phones can be deployed in a secure way to workers who are located somewhere else, or those who work at home. The gateway offers flexibility for the multiple services offered, whilst making sure no one intercepts the communication.

IP peripherals. A wide range of peripherals are available to make communication much easier when using Mitel’s phone systems. These include conferencing units, interface modules, wireless headsets and stands.

 Examples of the phones

Mitel 5360 is simply the ultimate business tool. It comes with a touch screen display, and gives a high quality full color presentation, something that every business executive needs to have. The screen is a whole seven inches, and the keys are programmable and self labelling.

Mitel 5324 is another great IP phone for companies that need effective call routing, especially for customer service. It has 24 programmable keys and an extra feature for context sensitive keys. It supports a number of peripherals so that staff can do hands-free operations, conference calls and many other operations.

Mitel MiVoice Office, enhances communication by increasing simplicity and focussing on making customer service and employee collaboration effective. The wide variety of IP phones are suitable for any kind of firm, whether small or large.