Safety in the Workplace – The Use of Fall Arrest Systems

Fall Arrest Systems imageIntroduction

Whether you are working in a highrise building or if you are a construction builder, the use of fall arrest systems is crucial to general safety in the workplace. If you are running a construction business then you would be especially responsible for the occupational health of your staff and you have to provide a safe working environment. Working in a high building can be potentially dangerous and fatal accidents can occur.

Fall Arrest Systems

There are many types of fall arrest systems used by professionals in different businesses. Their main purpose is to stop a person from dropping to their deaths. One system uses a safety harness which is attached to a particular point of a worker’s clothing. The harness is then linked to an anchor point in the building such as a concrete column. In the event of a slip or fall, this saves the person’s life by securing the person to the building and halting the drop down to the earth.

Other fall arrest systems include measures to prevent the fall from taking place in the first place. The institution of safety rails, secure scaffolding platforms and roof barriers all contribute to the safety in the workplace, and all employers in the States are legally obliged to provide such safeguards. These methods offer a double layer of protection and is essential as they can be easily installed and cost effective.

Procuring Fall Arrest Systems

There are many different suppliers of safety systems and they cater for everyone from the big building industries to individual customers. It is important to get good fall arrest systems from reliable suppliers. If you are working in a big company then you should ensure you give the best protection for your employees. Good quality fall arrest systems can be potentially life saving in the event of a fall and they should follow the appropriate industrial standards.

fall-arrest-systems-imageThe introduction of falls arrest systems in the workplace is not the be all and end all. As an employer, you are also encouraged to train your workers on aspects of safety when working in a highrise building or construction site. This should include lectures on how to safely apply the harness and suitable anchor points to use. In the event of an emergency, workers should know the appropriate procedure and how to administer help to an injured colleague, whilst assessing the situation to make sure they are not themselves endangered.


Fall arrest systems are vital to the health and safety of professionals who work at unsafe heights. These may include measures to prevent the fall from taking place such as railings; or security harnesses to stop a fall once it occurs. They can be potentially life saving and employers are legally obliged to install protection for workers in hazardous situations. Training of workers and getting reliable fall arrest systems are also vital for a safe working environment. With an increasing number of skyscrapers erected in new cities, falls arrest systems are now commonplace and should be a mandatory requirement in most countries.